Patricia Novillo-Corvalan on modernism and Latin America

Transnational Networks of Literary Exchange

Dr Patricia Novillo-Corvalan, Senior Lecturer in Comparative Literature, has published new book titled Modernism and Latin America: Transnational Networks of Literary Exchange (Routledge, 2018)

This book is the first in-depth exploration of the relationship between Latin American and European modernisms during the long twentieth century. Drawing on comparative, historical, and postcolonial reading strategies (including archival research), it seeks to re-energise the study of modernism by putting the spotlight on the cultural networks and aesthetic dialogues that developed between European and non-European writers, and explores a wide range of texts that reflect these writers’ complex concerns with questions of exile, space, empire, colonisation, reception, translation, human subjectivity, and modernist experimentation.

Modernism and Latin America: Transnational Networks of Literary Exchange will be of interest to those studying global modernisms, as well as Latin American literature, transatlantic studies, comparative literature, world literature, translation studies, and the global south.

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