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Kendall is a Lecturer in Higher Education and Academic Practice at the University of Kent. With a background in UG and PG teacher education and education leadership course delivery, Kendall’s teaching and research focuses on the exploration and enhancement of learning through the use of experiential and internationalized pedagogies. As a Senior Fellow of the HEA he is committed to working with colleagues to advance their teaching, learning and curriculum design capabilities for the benefit of student learning.

Kendall’s tertiary studies began in Australia where he completed a BSocSc (Charles Sturt University), BEd (University of South Australia) and MPHEd (University of Wollongong). He completed his PhD through the University of Canterbury (NZ). He has also completed additional postgraduate courses in Applied Educational Leadership and Management at UCL and a PGCHE at Leeds Beckett University.

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Research Interests

Kendall combines his current teaching load with continued research outputs relating to his discipline backgrounds of sport pedagogy and teacher education. Kendall also has additional research interest in the fields of educational leadership and higher education pedagogies. Kendall continues to collaborate on a range of research projects with colleagues from France, USA, Spain, New Zealand and Australia.

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