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About Council Tax exemption

Eligible students are exempt from council tax between their course start and end dates.

Note: You do not need to apply for council tax exemption if you are living in University of Kent campus accommodation.

Note: If your tenancy agreement starts or ends outside these dates, you will be liable for council tax during that period.
To be granted exemption, you will need to supply your council with certified evidence of your student status. Eligible students can access their personalised Student Certificate for Council Tax Purposes on your Student Data System.(SDS):

Click on Details & Study on the menu on the left side of the page

Click on My Letters on the next menu

Click on the button “Generate Council Tax exemption certificate”

A PDF certificate will appear if you are eligible; an error message will appear if you are not.

You can save the PDF and submit it to your council


If you fulfil any of the below criteria, you do NOT qualify for Council Tax exemption:

You are Part-Time studying less than 65 credits (if you are normally a full time student repeating modules due to failure you MAY qualify for Council Tax exemption, even if you are studying less than 65 credits. Please contact csao@kent.ac.uk to enquire further.)

You are on a PhD programme and your registration date was more than 4 years ago and you have not had any periods of intermission


If you fulfil any of the below criteria, you MAY qualify for Council Tax exemption, but a Council Tax certificate will NOT automatically generate on SDS:

You have no term time address – please update your term time address on SDS

You are not a registered student - log into SDS to complete returning registration

You have a term time address on campus – all campus addresses are automatically exempt from Council Tax

When these issues are resolved, wait 24 hours and then re-attempt to access your Council Tax certificate on SDS


You are officially part-time and studying more than 65 credits. Please request a Status Letter


Please note:

If you have changed your term-time address on SDS, you must wait 24hrs before requesting a certificate - this is because the system requires 24 hours to fully update with the new information. Any certificates ordered immediately after an address change will contain the old address details




If you are living on campus but require confirmation for your parents or guardian, please request a Status Letter: statusletters@kent.ac.uk (Include your student ID number in your email)


Further information: Canterbury City Council

Military Road,
Canterbury CT1 1YW
Monday to Friday 8.30am - 5.00pm

Information for students on Canterbury City Council website

01227 862300

Medway Council

Council Tax Exemptions



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