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WARNING: Due to Covid-19 the examination processes have changed for 2020. Please wait for emailed instructions.

* August Exam Paper Submission Deadline: Friday 31st July 2020*

* Checklists are not required for 2020 Exam Papers*




The information in this section is intended to give guidance to staff preparing examination papers for printing.

Sample exam paper cover sheets

There are now nine samples, reflecting the additional types of paper developed by Schools over the last few years. Front cover information has been re-formatted to make Rubric requirements clearer to students and exams staff (eg what stationery should be used, what additional materials are required and calculators are permitted).

  • Sample 1 (DOCX 14KB)
    Standard paper
  • Sample 2 (DOCX 14KB)
    Special version of paper – e.g. where you have one or more students (e.g. intermitters, resitters) who studied a previous version of the module and require a different exam paper from the main body of students sitting the standard paper.
  • Sample 3 (DOCX 14KB)
    Where the students write the answers on the paper
  • Sample 4 (DOCX 14KB)
    Exam with Multiple Choice answer Sheet
  • Sample 5 (DOCX 14KB)
    Exam where students answer on more than one type of exam stationery
  • Sample 6 (DOCX 14KB)
    Exam paper with special handouts / tables and /or special calculator instructions
  • Sample 7 (DOCX 14KB)
    Law Exam Paper with Statute Books / Case Law Appendices
  • Sample 8 (DOCX 14KB)
    Maths Exam Paper – Statistical Tables & instructions to show workings on script
  • Sample 9 (DOCX 14KB)
    Business – paper with pre seen case study

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