Kent Financial Support Package
Eligibility criteria for 2019

In order to be eligible for Kent's Financial Support Package for 2019, students must fulfil the eligibility criteria below:

  • You must be a new student to Higher Education starting in 2019
  • You must be registered on a full-time undergraduate degree programme at the University of Kent, paying the maximum tuition fee. Students on courses where the tuition fees are lower than the maximum tuition fee, including students from franchise or associate colleges, will not be considered for an award.
  • You must be ordinarily resident in England (as determined by Student Finance England)
  • You are from a household where the annual income is less than £42,875* per year
  • You must be UK state educated. You must meet one of the following criteria:
    • your household is located in an area that traditionally has had low levels of participation in higher education as defined by the Office for Students. A list of postcodes and their classification by participation (POLAR4) can be found on the Office for Students website. Awards are made to students who fall into POLAR4 quintiles 1 and 2 and who are under 21 on 30 September 2019, who also meet other eligibility criteria, and students who fall into any POLAR4 quintile and who are over 21 on 30 September 2019, who also meet other eligibility criteria.
    • you live in social housing. If you do not meet the postcode criteria but live in social housing, you need to submit a Kent Financial Support 2019 application form to the Financial Aid Office with evidence that you are living in social housing. Information sheets and application forms will be available from mid-August 2019.
    • you are in receipt of the Disabled Students' Allowances
    • you are an eligible care leaver, or you were in a Foyer or 'homeless' before starting your course (regardless of household income). See care leaver eligibility criteria
  • You made an application to the University of Kent by the UCAS deadline of 15 January 2019. Should sufficient funds be available, the University reserves the right to consider those who submitted an application after this date.

Evidence of these criteria will be collected from the candidate's UCAS application and their student finance application to Student Finance England. Evidence should be maintained by the applicant to meet University audit requirements which may include in year spot checks. Successful applicants will be informed from September 2019 that they have met the University's criteria for the financial support package once the University is in receipt of all relevant information.

Candidates must demonstrate continued eligibility on the basis of household income as assessed by Student Finance England in order to receive the financial support package in subsequent years.

Part-time students

New part-time students starting in the academic year 2019 may be eligible for a pro rata financial support package. The value of the financial support available will depend on the student's level of study.

In order to qualify students must be studying a minimum intensity of 25% and meet the eligibility criteria as stated above.

Part-time students need to make an application to the Financial Aid Office if they believe they meet these eligibility criteria. Applications can be submitted once students are registered on their course and have been in attendance for two weeks. Application forms will be available from the Financial Aid Office from September 2019.

Applicants will be informed whether they have met the University’s criteria for the financial support package once the University is in receipt of all relevant information.

For an application form or any further information please contact the Financial Aid Office, Room G43 Registry.

The information given on these web pages is correct at the time of publishing. The University reserves the right to modify or cancel any statements and accepts no responsibility for the consequences of any such changes.

*the maintenance loan amounts for 2019 have not yet been confirmed, so this figure is subject to change.