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The University issues formal transcripts of the work you complete at Kent. These credits can be used towards your degree, with the approval of your home university. To ensure that you can transfer credits, please check your selection of modules with your home university.

American credit system

Fifteen credits at Kent equals four credit hours under the American credit system and involves roughly the same amount of work.

If you are taking a International Exchange or a full-year JYA English PLUS programme, you take modules worth 120 credits. This usually equals 32 credit hours. If you are taking a Fall Semester, Spring Semester, or part-year JYA English PLUS programme, you take modules worth 60 credits, which equate to 16 credit hours under the American credit system.

The transcript of your studies at Kent will show your University of Kent degree marks, as well as their US equivalents (see right).

European Credit Transfer System (ECTS)

Kent is part of the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) which guarantees academic recognition of studies throughout universities and colleges across Europe. Modules at Kent have their own credit values and also carry an ECTS credit weighting (see below).

Kent ECTS US credit honours
15 7.5 4
30 15 8
45 22.5 12

Students taking part in ECTS receive full credit for all academic work successfully carried out at an ECTS partner institution, and you can transfer these credits from one institution to another. The transcript you get from Kent includes ECTS grades.

Equivalence to American grade system

American grade University of Kent    
  Mark Class Average mark

At all British universities, degrees are classified as: First Class Honours (1), Upper Second Class Honours (2.1), Lower Second Class Honours (2.2), and Third Class Honours (3).

A+ 70+ First 70+
A 67-69 Upper Second 60-69
A- 64-66    
B+ 61-63    
B 60    
B 58-59 Lower Second 50-59
B- 55-57    
C+ 52-54    
C 50-51    
C 48-49 Third 40-49
C- 44-47    
D 40-43    
F 0-39 Fail Below 40

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