Andrew Paul

Mathematics with a Year in Industry BSc

It’s only when you get to university that you realise how many different topics you can study.

Why did you choose Kent?

The University is well known for its great maths department, that was the main thing. There is a year in industry programme which can contribute to your degree, which wasn’t offered at many other universities. The University of Kent also has great facilities and is set on a lovely green campus.

What is the level of support like in your studies?

The School is very supportive and the induction week was very helpful, particularly getting used to the computer system and finding my way around the library. It was also a great opportunity to meet students and academic staff. All the lecturers are approachable and they are brilliant at responding to emails.

For some modules you have example classes. This is your opportunity to work on questions and put the theory into practice. Postgraduates help to run these classes and can give you support if you’re having problems. They won’t tell you the answer, but they’ll give you a hint to help you find a solution.

What part of your studies have you enjoyed the most so far?

My favourite would have to be calculus, looking at different methods. I love learning how to solve different types of differential equations. Maths is a much broader subject than you would think. It’s only when you get to university that you realise how many different topics you can study. Doing maths at university is different from A level – it’s not just a progression, it’s a different way of learning.

What are the academic facilities like at Kent?

I’m a big fan of the library. As well as traditional books, there are digital copies you can access free online. One of the best things at the library is the use of free laptops. Kent also has study hubs all over campus.

What is the accommodation on campus like?

I really liked being in Darwin College, I shared a kitchen with nine other people. My room was bigger than the one I have at home – and it was only a 30-second walk to lectures. I got on really well with my flatmates and lived with them off campus the following year.

What is the social life on campus like?

The sporting facilities are fantastic, especially the gym. There are hundreds of societies for nearly any hobby you can think of. In my first year I was in the Badminton Society. You can play seriously or just have fun; it’s a great way to meet new people. The happiest people here are the people who do things they enjoy.

There are multiple bars and restaurants on campus, which are well priced. We also have a cinema and a nightclub, so there really is something for everyone. I’ve become a lot more confident during my time at university. I became involved in the School’s ambassador scheme, which involved doing talks on Applicant Days, leading maths sessions for kids, talking to A level students and their parents – it all developed my communication skills and helped me to get the placement for my year in industry.

Where did you work during your year in industry?

I went to EY (Ernst and Young), the third largest accountancy firm in the world. I was paid a good salary and also received a lot of training; I did two accountancy exams while I was there. I also gained many skills –?communicating with colleagues; Excel skills; auditing skills and knowledge of the financial industry. At the end of my internship they offered me a job. When I got that phone call I was really happy!

What advice would you offer someone thinking of coming to Kent?

It’s really important to look at several universities to see where you feel most at home. For me, that was definitely Kent. If you have a passion for mathematics, then definitely visit Kent on one of the Open Days. And make sure you ask lots of questions.