Aaron Patrick

Law - LLB (Hons)

My Academic Adviser is amazing, he’s helped me so much.

Why did you choose Kent?

I wanted to study law and Kent is highly ranked for law, so I did some more research and thought Kent would be a good place to study. Then I discovered Kent Law Clinic, and that decided it.

Why did you want to study law?

I’ve always wanted to, my mother is a barrister at home in Trinidad and Tobago, so she would talk about her work a lot and I thought, ‘wow, that sounds good’.

How is the course going?

Well, I enjoyed my second year more than my first and I'm enjoying my third year more than my second, so it’s progressing well! In my second year, I got more involved in School life; I became a student mentor, I joined the Temple Law Society and made a lot of friends through that.

Do you have a favourite module?

When I told my Academic Adviser I wanted to be a barrister, he suggested I take a module on critical and legal reasoning. I wasn’t keen, but he explained that part of the module was assessed by a moot and that did appeal to me. We learnt how to structure different types of arguments and what things influence how you construct an argument. I had to take part in a moot for the first time, knowing it would be assessed. It was exciting and stressful, but I enjoyed it and I did really well. I was very happy that I’d listened to my Academic Adviser.

Another module I took focused on evidence. I’ve always been intrigued by what determines which facts get heard in court, so it was interesting to learn about that.

Tell us about your lecturers.

My Academic Adviser is amazing, he’s helped me so much. I think the lecturers at Kent care about their students, they get back to you if you email them and are easy to talk to if you need help. They do everything they can to make sure we do well.

And your fellow students?

Kent Law School is very diverse and when you spend time studying in the library, particularly when deadlines are looming, you really get to know one another!

What do you think of the facilities on campus?

When I arrived at Kent the Law School’s Wigoder Law Building had just opened. It houses Kent Law Clinic and a mooting chamber. The Clinic is set out just as a law firm would be, so you feel as though you are going to work, it’s like walking into your future. And the mooting chamber still amazes me.

Tell us about working in Kent Law Clinic.

I’m working with a supervisor on a very complex criminal case. My supervisor is great and if I don’t understand something she explains it to me and also asks me what I think and listens to my ideas. There’s a lot of work but it's completely worth it because you learn so much, for example, how to manage client files and client expectations. We also conduct client interviews which is amazing. A friend represented a client at a tribunal and won. It’s a great way to discover if this is an environment you feel comfortable in.

What about the social life?

I’m involved in lots of things, I’m President of the Kent Law Temple Society and a School rep. There’s lots of societies, they’re a great way to get to know people and relax. And the Venue nightclub is fun.

Have you used the University’s career service?

Yes, I went to get my CV reviewed and received very good advice. There is also an adviser specifically for law, which is really useful.

What next?

I will take the steps I need to qualify as a barrister.

Any advice for somebody coming to Kent to study law?

There’s always lots to do, but don't panic, you will get it done. Or panic a little bit – sometimes that helps you to get the work done! And get involved, it helps you to settle in to university and by being involved in the various law societies you find out about internships, and what positions are coming up.