Vivian Moreno 

Biomedical Science with a Sandwich Year BSc

I've always had a passion for science and medicine and here I feel that I'm getting the best of both worlds.

 What attracted you to studying at Kent?

I’d heard lots of positive things about the School of Biosciences. I really wanted to be challenged in my studies and I felt that Kent would provide a great education for me. The degree also offered a sandwich year which I felt would be a valuable experience.

How is your course going?

Really well – I’m loving every minute of it! I've always had a passion for science and medicine and here I feel that I'm getting the best of both worlds. The human body is extraordinary and there's a lot to learn. There's always something intriguing in what we're being taught.

How would you describe your lecturers?

Honestly, I feel that my lecturers are incredible! They know so much and they've so passionate about their work. It's really inspiring. I've always found them to be very approachable; the support is there and I've been grateful for that.

Which areas of study have you enjoyed the most, and why?

There's not one module I don't enjoy – they're all very interesting. Skills for Bioscientists was great: our lecturer made sure everyone was up to speed on the material being taught and brought it to life. I do enjoy the study of diseases we are taught and I love the case studies as well.

How would you describe your fellow students?

My course-mates have been helpful, supportive and great fun too! A few of us all went on placement and now we're back for our final year. We're on top of our deadlines, ready to do well this year and make it a memorable experience.

What are the facilities like for your course?

I was very excited when I started my lab practicals. it was very hands-on and the facilities allowed me to improve my knowledge – learning new skills such as how to grow bacteria, how they can develop resistance, how to use microscopes and spectrophotometers. And the computer practicals showed us the bioinformatics side of things.

How would you describe the campus?

The campus is great. It’s always enjoyable to go out for a meal with friends, or even go to the library to get revision and assignments done. The accommodation is great and when you live on campus, it’s nice being close to everything. You make friends with your flatmates and some of these people end up becoming the best of friends!

Do you take part in any extra-curricular activities?

Yes, I was a part of UKC Swimming and I really enjoyed it as a way to do some exercise and take a break from studying. I also loved being a part of BioSoc: I ended up becoming a committee member and arranged the socials and research talks.

How was your sandwich year in industry?

I spent my sandwich year up in Scotland at a biotechnology company. The company, NovaBiotics, focuses on the development of first-in-class anti-infectives for difficult-to-treat diseases. Emergence of antimicrobial resistance is a big problem and I was working on a couple of the company's antimicrobial therapeutic candidates. I was given the role of research associate under the supervision of the CEO and she was very inspiring to work with.

What careers support have you had?

We had lectures from the Careers and Employability Service, who offer employability points, mock interviews, and CV reviewing. It’s all been very helpful. Also the School sent out emails and hosted events and I was told about the various career opportunities available. There’s so much you can do with a degree in Biomedical Science.

What kind of career do you hope to follow when you leave?

I am hoping to become a doctor; it's something I've dreamed of doing since I was six. However, I do enjoy research as well, so I’ve now accepted a research role at Yale Cancer Biology Institute in New Haven, Connecticut. 

Any advice to someone thinking of coming to Kent?

Enjoy your time here; it goes by quickly. Most importantly, give it everything you got and do it all with heart!