Emma Colyer

Architectural Conservation MSc

I found it very easy to adapt as the professors and lecturers were very helpful.

What attracted you to Kent?

The School is well regarded in the rankings and the faculty is very well qualified and distinguished. I was also attracted by the Canterbury campus with fantastic facilities set in a beautiful and historic city.

What did you think of the teaching at Kent?

It is a formative method of teaching that encourages the students to think for themselves. It was my introduction to study in the UK and the teaching strategy was different to the Philippines. I found it very easy to adapt as the professors and lecturers were very helpful. The teaching style is beneficial to foreign students.

What were your favourite parts of the programme and why?

The off-campus trips were the most enjoyable part of the course. The lecturers have numerous contacts which enabled us to enter interesting sections of historic buildings that are normally inaccessible. Seeing the structures up close also provided a clearer understanding of the subject.

In what ways did your time at Kent benefit you?

I have met a lot of significant architectural personalities and have joined organisations that will be of significance in the future. Importantly, I have learned how to research independently.

What are your future plans?

I am currently working for an architecture firm in the Philippines while studying for my Architectural Licensure Exam in June 2019. I then intend to return to the UK to work in architectural conservation. Once suitably trained I might return to the Philippines and introduce these vital concepts.

What advice would you give to someone considering studying the same programme?

I’d strongly recommend it. My time at Kent has been one of the best experiences of my student life.