Conversion programmes

Conversion programmes

Take a step up in your career, whether you’re looking for a change of direction or to develop your skills further.

Kent offers a range of conversion programmes such as business, economics and computing courses for students from an entirely different background, while our Master's degrees in law or journalism develop your academic and professional skills in new areas.

Subject areas include these career pathways:  

The list below includes some of our most popular conversion programmes but is not exhaustive; you can find more opportunities on the full online prospectus.  

Data Science

The world is full of data, from global banks to Formula 1 teams, supermarkets and the United Nations. Data scientists ask and answer questions like what happened, why it happened, what will happen, and what can be done with the results. Develop the technical, practical and transferrable skills that you need to be a successful data scientist.


The Kent LLM allows you to broaden and deepen your knowledge and understanding of law by specialising in one or more different areas.

Psychology Conversion MSc

If you find yourself with a passion for better understanding human behaviour but didn't take a degree in Psychology, this course is for you. Now is your time to convert with our MSc Psychology Conversion course. On successful competition move onto one of our specialist MSc courses, fast tracking you into your dream Psychology career.