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What can I study?

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Politics with Law

Monday evenings 6-9pm, starting 18 September 2017

Have you ever wondered how those in power claim the right to tell you what to do? Are you curious about the relationship between party politics and our country's laws?

Studying Politics with Law will help you to understand the political system and the power that politicians have over our ability to get free health care, education, employment and state support. It will encourage you to question this power and consider if it is exercised in the interests of all.

You will learn about key concepts such as power, democracy and authority and explore how the law is made and applied. The course will consider the British Constitution, elections, the role of Parliament and the Courts and will allow you to consider whether the system actually achieves its goals.

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English Literature

Tuesday evenings 6-9pm, starting 19 September 2017

What's the difference between a good book and a great book? Why do some books stand the test of time while others are consigned to the dustbin of history? How do great writers make you love or hate their characters?

This course in English literature can help you to answer these questions, teach you how to get the most out of your reading and give you the skills to write and talk about books. English literature is a subject of opinions so classes will be interactive and based around discussion.

Strong opinions and controversial views welcome!

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Fine Art

Wednesday evenings 6-9pm, starting 20 September 2017

Do you want to develop your own artistic language, discover your potential and build your confidence?

The Fine Art course, taught at the Historic Dockyard Chatham, helps you do all this together with extending your ideas, developing a range of skills and preparing you for study at degree level and independent learning. You are taught in a studio-based environment, have the opportunity to work on both individual and group projects, and to exhibit your work.

The course is delivered by experienced staff who are practicing artists with a range of approaches and specialist skills.

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Wednesday evenings 6-9pm, starting 20 September 2017

Psychology is all about you. Learn more about the way people behave. Find out about the way children develop and form attachments. Understand criminal behaviour and the way a jury works. Look at the impact of social influence on people: why do people conform and why do some resist authority? Study theories about psychopathy and understand different options for treatment.

This fascinating course enables you to develop your knowledge of psychology, skills such as investigation and research, and how to analyse and present results.

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Creative Writing: The secrets of a great story; supercharge your writing

Thursday evenings 6-9pm, starting 21 September 2017

Release your inner storyteller. Travel to worlds of your own creating. Express feelings and explore ideas. Study Creative Writing. You will read and write a wide range of stories, poems, children's books, plays and articles, try out new styles and discover the secrets of great writing. 

From the start you will learn how to be creative, encourage your imagination and grow your confidence. Discover and indulge a love of words and language, while building valuable communication skills which you can use in other subjects. You will express your opinions, explore why you like to read what you do, and be introduced to the ideas behind writing.

This course is taught through informal workshops, practical exercises, discussions, and individual projects which provide a clear framework to support your development as a writer.

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Thursday evenings 6-9pm, starting 21 September 2017

Do you create the society that you live in or does society create you as an individual? Do the media reflect current thinking or merely shape the way in which we think?

Come and explore how you as an individual interact with the society that you live in through culture, religion, the media, education and the family, and examine how the power of groups can bring about change throughout the world.

Join the debates on youth culture, crime and deviance, criminal justice and law, and investigate how social class and government policy can ultimately shape the way in which we live.

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English GCSE

Tuesday evenings 6-9pm, starting 19 September 2017

Join a friendly group of adult students and build your English language skills in a supportive environment. Develop your ability to write both creative and non-fiction texts, and to read and understand them. You also learn how to enhance your speaking and listening skills.

This course leads to a nationally recognised qualification that can help open doors to further opportunities in education and employment.

The GCSE is organised by the Academy and the fee of £65* is payable in addition to the Access Diploma fee.

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Mathematics GCSE

Tuesday evenings 6-9pm, starting 19 September 2017

Get your Maths GCSE. Come and learn in a supportive and informal environment with an experienced tutor who can show you how maths can be fun and accessible by relating to your everyday life.

The GCSE is organised by the Academy and the fee of £65* is payable in addition to the Access Diploma fee.

* fees subject to final confirmation but all applicants will be informed of any change before enrolment. Please note, fees are non-refundable.


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