Transnational American Studies:Methods and Approaches - US800

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Autumn and Spring
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7 30 (15) DR S Grattan







The aim of this module is to explore the culture and society of the Americas, notably incorporating a transnational perspective. This will involve giving you a thorough grounding in the techniques and approaches needed for advanced study and research in advanced American Studies. This module will engage with interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary approaches in order to train you to 'operate across disciplines, learning how to integrate a variety of approaches in formulating and solving problems, and using diverse materials and information sources.' You will be encouraged to engage with critical debates surrounding American society and also to interrogate, challenge, and move outside the exceptionalist rhetoric and nation- state ideology of conventional American Studies. Attention will be focused on (but by no means confined to) Anglophone literature and culture, although Chicano/Hispanic motifs will be forwarded in the context of English language-based study.


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Contact hours

Contact hours: 2 hours per week

Method of assessment

100% coursework. Students will be required to produce one essay of 4,000 words.

Indicative reading

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