Introduction to Information Systems - CO321

Sorry, this module is not currently running in 2016-17.







This module looks at the nature of information and introduces the techniques needed to build information systems.
Information Systems: the nature of information systems, applications and implications of networks;
Information Systems Engineering: how information systems can be built, requirements analysis and specification, aspects of UML Data representation and manipulation in XML.

In order to understand and appreciate the role of information systems and the underlying, students participate in various practical tasks and exercises which are undertaken individually or in small groups


Contact hours

22 lectures, 10 terminal/seminar sessions

Indicative reading


See the library reading list for this module (Canterbury)

See the library reading list for this module (Medway)

Learning outcomes

Have studied several types of information system;
Be aware of the interaction between economic and commercial factors and globalisation and the development of information systems
Understand how information systems are used in different contexts;
Know about the components and structures of typical information systems;
Be familiar with the basic principles of data and information, and their presentation, representation and structuring using HTML and XML
Appreciate the wide range of applications of XML, within and without the information systems domain,
Be familiar with some of the notations used in representing the conceptual design of information systems
Be able to observe, describe and critically evaluate a range of modern information systems;
Be able to use standard notations drwn from UML to describe the functionality and components of straightforward information systems;
Be able to implement simple static web pages using HTML;
Be able to specify simple documents using XML

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