The study of Sociology allows you to examine the ways in which we are shaped, empowered and controlled by contemporary UK society.

In doing so, the subject encourages you to think about and reflect on the differences between people, social groups and subcultures. This subject also encourages an awareness of the importance of social structure and individual choice in explaining issues such as poverty, crime and inequality.  

Whether it is the family that we are born into, how much money we have, our ethnicity, our culture or our gender, sociologists argue that a whole host of sociological factors will go some way to determining the person we become, the status we have and, ultimately, the power we are able to exert in our own lives and upon those around us.

Example units:

  • Introduction to Sociology
  • The Sociology of Crime and Deviance
  • Consumer Society
  • The Sociology of the Mass Media
  • The Sociology of the Family
  • Social Stratification
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