Cultural Studies is the academic study of the ‘everyday’. In this fascinating and demanding subject, you will examine who we are as individuals alongside the things that shape our wider society and the reasons we do the things we do, from listening to music, going shopping, making art and vandalising buildings, to having cosmetic surgery.

You will also analyse the things we choose to surround ourselves with, from fashion items, to mobile phones, foodstuffs and jewellery. In analysing these aspects of daily life, you will be encouraged to engage with a range of theoretical perspectives and approaches, and debate a variety of opposing views.

Because Cultural Studies is such a broad subject, it combines a range of other disciplines, including elements of Communication Studies, Media Studies, Linguistics and Philosophy. 

Example units:

  • Introduction to Cultural Studies
  • Defining Culture
  • Identity, Self-Concept and Self-Presentation
  • The Communication of Culture
  • The Consumer Society
  • Race, Nation and Ethnicity
  • Sex, Sexuality and Gender
  • Spaces and Places in Culture
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