Biology is the science of life; our understanding of it underpins major advances ranging from the food we eat to the design of medicines.

In this broad and exciting subject, you will learn about the workings of living systems and the consequences when things go wrong. How do discoveries at the cellular level lead to new medical treatments? Do genetic mutations cause more harm than good? Is it possible to overcome antibiotic resistance?

Through dissection, practical work and independent research, we encourage you to explore ideas and foster a sense of inquiry. You will learn a variety of different skills including problem-solving and critical thinking.

Example units:

  • Cell Biology
  • Blood Circulation and Gaseous Exchange for Healthcare
  • Homeostasis for Healthcare
  • Microbiology and Immunity
  • Nutrition and Digestion
  • Musculoskeletal System

Please note: some biology classes may contain a small number of adult evening class students.

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