Corporate Events Graduation Ceremonies

Ticket information

In order to attend Congregations, all guests are required to hold a ceremony ticket to access the Cathedral. Tickets are only available for students who are attending their ceremony.

Please note that on the day, you MUST exchange your barcoded e-receipt for official ceremony tickets from the appropriate venue (please see timetables). Guests will be refused entry to the Cathedral if they have e-receipts.

  • How many guest tickets am I allowed?
  • All students must register before the deadline, however we advise that you register as soon as you receive your invitation as there is a capacity in the Cathedral and if this reaches the limit before the deadline then you may not be able to attend in July 2019.

    If you register before the deadline and capacity has not been reached then you will be entitled to bring up to two guests. These must be specified during registration. No names, just how many guests you wish to bring with you.

Please note that extra tickets may become available after the registration deadline, however we cannot guarantee this. An email notification will be sent to all students advising them if extra tickets are available for their ceremony before the release date - we will also post this information on Facebook and Twitter.

  • How much is the graduation fee?
    £40 - only applicable to students who are attending their ceremony in the Cathedral. If you register before the deadline and capacity has not been reached then you will be entitled to bring up to two guests.

Students should be aware that if they fail to pay the graduation fee by the deadline, their guest ticket allocation will automatically be re-distributed.

  • How much are extra tickets?
    Extra tickets will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis according to availability at £20 each - if there are extras available for your ceremony (not guaranteed).

It is important to stress that students should not rely on extra ticket availability; we cannot guarantee that extra tickets will be available for all ceremonies and we hold no responsibility for any assumptions made.

  • When/how shall I receive my e-receipt(s)?
    These will be sent to your personal and Kent email accounts a few days before your ceremony.

Please note that we are unable to send any e-tickets prior to this date. Extra tickets may arrive through separate emails.

  • Can I purchase tickets from other students?
    We strongly advise that students do NOT purchase other students' tickets. Barcodes on e-receipts can only be scanned once, so there is no guarantee that a second-hand barcode has not been scanned and validated already. If you have a friend who is no longer attending, they should notify the Corporate Events team to ensure that they receive a refund. Tickets are attributed to graduating students and their graduation fee, so if someone is no longer attending, they will have their fee removed and their tickets invalidated.

The University holds no responsibility for any guests that may be refused entry if their second-hand e-receipt has already been validated.

  • Does my child require a ticket?
    Children aged 3 or under do not require their own ticket, however they will be required to remain seated on a parent or guardian's lap for the duration of the ceremony. Children aged 4 or over require their own ticket to gain entry due to the Cathedral's Health and Safety requirements.

The ceremony is approximately 90 minutes long and there are no creche or child-minding facilities available at either Canterbury or Rochester Cathedral. Pushchairs and prams will need to be folded up if brought into the Cathedral so as not to block the aisles. If your child becomes distressed, we may ask you to leave the Cathedral for a short period, so that other people are not disturbed.

  • What happens if I choose to defer my graduation and I have already paid the graduation fee?
    Your graduation fee will be refunded to you and you will be invited to the next available Congregations ceremony where you will be required to re-register. We must be notified that you wish to defer a week prior to the ceremonies, otherwise you will graduate in absentia and will not receive a refund.

No fees will be carried over to future ceremonies.

  • What happens if I do not complete my course?
    If you do not complete your course, you will be removed from the ceremony and invited to the next available ceremony following successful the completion of your course. You would also be refunded any fees paid to graduate.

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Last Updated: 15/04/2019