Corporate Events Graduation Ceremonies

Invitation and registration

July 2019 ceremonies

DEADLINE: Friday 3 May 2019 by 23.59 BST

All students must register before the deadline, however we advise that you register as soon as you receive your invitation as there is a limited capacity in the Cathedral and if this reaches the limit before the deadline then your ceremony will be automatically closed and you may not be able to attend.

If this happens you can choose to defer your ceremony until November but you will need to confirm this decision in writing to the Coporate Events team prior to the deadline. If we do not hear from you, you will automatically go through in absentia.

Your invitation

Process When? What you need to do Deadline


  • Undergraduates
  • Postgraduates
July 2019 Update your personal email address on the Student Data System


Invitations arrive

  • to students' personal and Kent email accounts
March 2019 Register (options below) see below
Not received an invitation and think you should have? Contact the Corporate Events team.


Upon receiving invitation

Using your 8-digit student number and date of birth to log in, select whether you will:

  • attend
  • defer (postpone until the next available ceremony, please note you will not receive your certificate until this time)
  • or graduate in absentia (graduate without physically attending, this means you will not be able to attend a ceremony in the future)


Friday 3 May 2019 by 23.59 BST

You must register, even if you are not attending or if you think you may not complete successfully. Please note if you do not register for your ceremony on Tempest you will be automatically conferred in absentia and will not be able to attend a ceremony in the future.

Hire your gown

Upon receiving invitation

Order your gown

Friday 28 June 2019 by 23.59 BST

Academic appeals

If you are currently appealing your result, you can still attend your degree ceremony where your degree will be conferred at the grade it presently stands. If your appeal is subsequently successful, you would be required to return your degree certificate and a replacement will be issued with the corrected grade.

Alternatively, you can choose to defer your attendance to the next available ceremony until the outcome of your appeal has been determined. Please note that if you choose to do this, you will not be able to receive your degree certificate until it has then been conferred at the next ceremony.


Corporate Events Office

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Last Updated: 13/03/2019