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Dr Anne Dudley

Doctor of Music

July 2011


Oscar-winning musician and composer Anne Dudley was born in Chatham in Kent in May 1956. Although she trained as a classical performer, Anne Dudley moved into the record world as a session musician. She developed a professional relationship with pop producer Trevor Horn and made a significant contribution to the classic album The Lexicon of Love by ABC. She went on to work with stars such as the Pet Shop Boys, Rod Stewart and Robbie Williams, including that artist’s Reality Killed the Video Star album.

Anne Dudley was a founding member of the successful band Art of Noise, and helped pioneer the use of sampling within the pop genre. Stand-out hits include Beat Box from 1984 and 1985’s Moments in Love. Anne Dudley has also composed and produced soundtracks for dozens of award-winning films and TV shows, and won an Oscar for The Full Monty in 1998.

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