We had a wonderful time at Mog13 in Canterbury

HopMog is the South East Centre of the Morgan Sports Car Club. Our base is the Counties of Kent and Surrey and with over 500 Morgan Sports Car members in our area, we are one of the largest club centres. In the summer of 2013 we returned to Canterbury and The University of Kent (last there in 2000) for the Annual Meeting of the Morgan Sports Car Club   

Well the MOG that we were organising in the South East has come and gone and it was a great success due in no small part to all the HopMog and Brighton Centre members helping out and running events over the weekend Special mention must go to Russell & Hilary Wakefield who co-ordinated the volunteer rota and probably did half of it themselves as well, but always with a smile.

We also want to thank Keith, June and Ashley Gibbins for coming to the event in their Espace just so they could bring so much of the paraphernalia connected with running a Mog. We’ve had many comments about the friendly atmosphere and how helpful everyone was so a BIG Thank-you to you all.

A few statistics: We had over 470 bookings; with over 915 ‘bed-nights’ in UKC accommodation. The rooms were much better than most people had expected, and a good choice of places to eat. The University couldn’t have been more helpful, they even gave us someone from the Hospitality Office to help with Registrations and to answer queries about the university facilities.

On Saturday Mike Brears masterminded the Gymkhana, this was a great success with many contestants saying it was such fun and after all that’s precisely what Mike had intended. Many thanks to his team HopMog Review for manning the sections and making it all run so smoothly.

We had Ghost Walks in Canterbury, coordinated by Angela & Dennis Pike. This was not made easier by members changing their restaurants and menus at the last minute. We also had River and Steam Train trips.

Visits to Faversham and the Shepherd Neame Brewery with those choosing the complete tour going by a Routemaster and another ‘special bus’ were all organised by Mike & Jo Fenwick Everyone we saw on their return looked very happy with the trip or was it with the six samples of beer they’d had?

In the Goody Bags was a Scenic Run booklet with runs devised by Alan Patterson and Helen & Kevin Handy. This was sponsored by BHM and Librands and was put together by Russell Wakefield and Ann.

We roped in new member, Andy Gent to check the passengers on the Steam Railway Trip on Saturday and David Thorp for the boat trip on Friday. Terry and Jane Joyce were i/c of Goody Bag production. UKC had given us a lockable seminar room for all our stores so we could lay them out in order. We had a steady stream of helpers who made light work of putting everything into the bags ready for distribution at registration in the Atrium.

We’ve spoken about having fun at the Gymkhana and the Fun & Games, and we tried to make this a theme of the Mog. We had several other competitions including a Walking Treasure Hunt in Canterbury compiled by HopMogger Peter Berg, who is well qualified as a Canterbury City Guide. The Mog Magazine sponsored this and gave prizes of a year’s subscription to the top ten scorers.

We also produced a ‘Mogdoku’ quiz similar to the first we had at Le Mans Classic in 2006, where numbers are replaced by coloured Morgans. Each Goody Bag had a set of colouring pencils to complete this. Prizes were given by several advertisers and we have a few over so for anyone wanting to have a go we’ll bring some along to the next Brands Hatch Morgans breakfast meeting on 21 September. We also have a few of the souvenir Mog tea towels left we’ll bring these along for sale at reduced rates.

On Saturday evening the weather turned so windy and cold (and threatened to thunder) that we had to have the BBQ inside which was a shame as it made the 20 piece Jazz Band sound a bit loud. After this we then moved onto the Gulbenkian Theatre to listen to a really great group the Goosebumps until late.

Sunday was a busy day. Alan Sharpe and his team ran the Fun and Games on the lawn between Eliot and Rutherford colleges. And as everyone knows Alan has a quirky sense of humour so we just knew it was going to be hilarious for both the contestants and onlookers alike. No one was disappointed except Alan as we only had 11 teams entering, where is the Morgan spirit of fun gone?

Brian Downing and Mike Wilson organised the trade show which was held in the new sports hall and surrounding car park. It was busy all day and the traders looked happy with the numbers visiting. The Concourse was also held here. And the prizes for all competitions were awarded at the end of the show.

Sunday evening we had the Gala Dinner This was in Rutherford Dining Hall which has an enormous Cathedral type window overlooking the floodlit Canterbury Cathedral. As there is not much space for Dinner Jackets & Glamorous dresses in a Morgan, it was decided we’d go ‘Smart Casual’ but some “Hop Moggers” came dressed very smartly. We had our aperitif of sparkling wine in the quad and then were called into the beautifully decorated hall for our delicious meal. Then we danced to the Soul Monkeys, an excellent local group.

The next day we said our goodbyes and a group of over a hundred Morganeers in 54 Morgans crossed the Channel for Après Mog at Hotel Hermitage in Montreuil sur Mer. As usual our stay here was very good and we filled both their car parks. The food was excellent cooked by our favourite chef Pascal Jabely. All in all a fantastic finale to Mog13.


Quentin and Ann English – HopMog 2013


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