Xiaowei Gu

Xiaowei Gu

Lecturer in Computing


Dr. Xiaowei Gu received his PhD in Computer Science from Lancaster University (UK) in 2018. Before joining Kent, Xiaowei was a Lecturer in Computer Science at Aberystwyth university (UK) and a Senior Research Associate at Lancaster University. Xiaowei has strong expertise in machine learning, artificial intelligence, data analytics and signal processing.  

Research interests

Xiaowei belongs to the following research groups:

Xiaowei’s research is focused on developing novel machine learning models that 1) have a transparent system structure and human-interpretable reasoning process, and 2) are capable of offering the state-of-the-art performance but with less demand of human expertise involvement. Xiaowei is also interested in developing explainable semi-supervised machine learning models to tackle streaming data problems. 


Further Object-Oriented Programming - COMP5200 

 Deep Learning - COMP8685/COMP6685


PhD applicants/visitors are very welcome! If you are interested, please contact Xiaowei via email: X.Gu@kent.ac.uk along with a short paragraph describing your research idea and your CV.  

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