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Peter Rodgers

Professor of Visual Computing


I am an academic in the School of Computing, University of Kent.

Research interests

I belong to the following research groups:

Software online

I research the visualization of diagrams that represent complex interactions. In particular, Euler Diagrams and Graphs have interesting properties and are applied in great variety of areas. I also study graph data mining methods and applications of artificial intelligence to visualization and data mining. 

Schematic Visualization

As a Royal Society Industrial Fellow, I worked in collaboration with INRIX Media. This work developed automatic techniques for drawing public transport schematics, sometimes called the metro map layout problem. The result was a web service allowing schematic layout tools to be accessed remotely, so potentially helping travellers navigate on public transport systems.

Euler diagrams

Try the 3 Circle Venn Diagram Applet which draws approximately area proportional diagrams. Implemented by Stirling Chow of the University of Victoria, Canada and myself. 

More accurate diagrams can be drawn with ellipses, see the eulerAPE tool developed by Luana Micallef as part of her PhD studies.

The research project Visualization with Euler Diagrams developed new techniques for drawing Euler diagrams and was in collaboration with the University of Brighton. It was funded by the EPSRC.

Linear Diagrams

A generator for linear diagrams is available, see the Linear Diagram Generator. These diagrams have been shown to be more effective than either Venn or Euler diagrams for representing some set-based problems. Work exploring the practical and theorectical capabilities of linear diagrams is currently under way.

Visual Languages

The Reasoning with Diagrams project looked at visual methods for representing constraint based languages. It was funded by the EPSRC. For more information visit the Reasoning with Diagrams home page.

I have also developed data flow languages and, some time ago, languages based on graph rewriting systems.


I have taught at undergraduate and postgraduate level on a variety of subjects over the years. Currently I am teaching on an undergraduate second year databases module and an MSc web programming module.

My ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-4100-3596


I am always interested in supervising new research students in the areas related to my research interests, as well as in other research topics related to visualization. Scholarships, that include both fees and living expenses are available. If you would like to discuss starting a PhD, please email me: P.J.Rodgers@kent.ac.uk.

Current Research Students

  • Fadi Dib
  • Peter Lloyd
  • Dominique Tranquille (external supervision at the University of Brighton)

Past Research Students


IEEE Computer Society

Software online

- Dover: Scalable Algorithms for Graph Data Mining
- EulerAPE: Venn-3 with Ellipses Applet
- Exact Euler-3 (and Venn-3) Applet
- Linear Diagram Generator

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