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Volunteering is just one area that brings students and the public together. There are also opportunities for residents to become involved in our research projects, where public engagement is often crucial.

Current research projects

Research into ageing

Researchers from our School of Psychology are celebrating the half-way point of a five-year research project looking at how our social communication skills change across the life-span, and ways we can enhance the quality of social communication in older adults by training.

The research, funded by the European Research Council, is particularly important and timely in the context of an ageing generation and the negative impact of impairments in social communication such as loneliness, isolation and embarrassment.

Our research involves a series of computer-based and interactive tasks, some of which use an eye-tracker to monitor how people examine the world around them, and some that record brain activity. Participants can either come into our on-campus lab or we can come to you in our mobile research laboratory van.

Calling all young scientists!

With the help of local families, Kent Child Development Unit (KCDU) is investigating how children develop their language, cognitive and social skills.

We invite children of all ages to take part in a wide range of interesting studies. Your child might be involved in anything from eye-tracking to pretend play, drawing tasks or touch screen games.

Your data

Your personal information will be stored securely and kept strictly confidential.

Experimental results from our studies will be stored anonymously and in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

You are free to withdraw from our research at any time.

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Last Updated: 19/12/2017