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Making a complaint

Each year we get a small number of complaints about student conduct from both local residents and students. The University takes complaints seriously and has an established procedure in place for handling feedback received from members of the local community.

Alison Mansell, Student Conduct and Complaints Manager, explains how the University responds to the complaints received:

Initial complaints

On receiving a University-related complaint from a resident, the Community Liaison Officer will gather the relevant facts and establish the identity of the students, where appropriate.

Where they are found to be University of Kent students and it is the first complaint and considered to be of a minor nature, all students will be issued with a community letter.

In the majority of cases, the community letter is effective and there are no further incidents reported.

How to make a complaint

Contact the Community Liaison Officer (CLO):

Subsequent complaints

For subsequent complaints, the case will be referred to the relevant College Master for further investigation.

If the College Master decides that there is a case to answer they will take appropriate action, in line with the Regulations on Student Discipline in Relation to Non-academic Matters. College Masters have a range of sanctions available to them including warnings, fines and referral to a University Disciplinary Panel.

If, following the College Master’s initial investigation, the case cannot be substantiated then the complainant may be contacted to provide further evidence. It may be appropriate to submit photographs, noise diaries or evidence collected by, or reports from, Canterbury City Council’s Environmental Health Team, who have a legal duty to investigate all noise complaints.

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Last Updated: 06/11/2017