People walking around the Butter Market in Canterbury

New community newsletter

The University has launched a newsletter for those living and working around our Canterbury campus in response to conversations with local residents and community representatives.

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The University of Kent Wigoder building

Legal win for Kent student

Kent Law Clinic recently won an appeal for a woman whose disability assessment was cancelled, but who was later penalised for failing to attend. Her case was taken on by law student Alexandra Nadasan.

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Talk being given about Refugee Tales initiative

Outreach work

Explore our work within the local community, encouraging young people and adults to embrace the value of higher education.

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Fresco of Three Minoan Women Knossos

Kent alumni

If you've ever been a student at Kent, we invite to join our community of alumni. This gives you the change to hear the latest news in our free magazine, stay connected to your network of friends and join in our reunions and other activities.

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