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Law & Culture Research Cluster

Coordinator: Lieve Gies

The cultural studies project is rooted in established GSL work in the field of ‘law and literature’ which inquires into the nature of law as text, focusing on questions of signification, meaning, and interpretation. The project builds on this field to include more recent developments in the study of law and popular culture that have used the methodologies of cultural studies to explore images and understandings of law in popular culture and everyday life. CentreGSL research is focused on the content of cultural texts, and the impact, relevance, and significance of this content in historical and contemporary contexts. This project also enquires into the specificity of ‘old’ and ‘new’ cultural forms and the impact these have on understandings of GSL.

Core research questions include:

  • how can GSL scholarship help illuminate the interpenetration of legal and non-legal discourses?
  • how can GSL work develop and deepen its understanding of legality in cultural texts, and legal texts as cultural texts, and what contribution can cultural studies make to this process?
  • how do different forms of cultural texts shape, incorporate, and resist understandings of gender, sexuality, and law, and the relationship between them?
  • how can intersectionality theory deepen our understanding of all of the above questions?

Current research projects include:

  • Research on masculinity and the male sexed body, engaging with cultural texts (Michael Thomson, Keele University)

  • Research on women and legal education in England: the early years. This research applies historical methodologies to law (Rosemary Auchmuty, University of Westminster)

  • Research on ‘The Representation of Jews and Jewishness in English Case Law’ (Didi Herman, University of Kent)



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