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'there is no politics without fantasy': Gender, Sexuality and Cultural Studies in Law

Organised by the AHRC Centre for Law, Gender and Sexuality

Wednesday 19 and Thursday 20 April 2006@ Keele University

Plenary Speakers: Vicky Bell & Reina Lewis

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The title quotation by Theresa de Lauretis invites an engagement with the role of fantasy, narrative and storytelling within political projects from a variety of different perspectives.

Stories of fear and hope inform global political phenomena, domestic legislation and policy, the activities of social movements, and personal political projects. There has, for example, been recent interest in the politics of fear. Commentators have questioned the extent to which recent global political shifts and domestic legislation and policy developments may rely on myths or stories determined to instil fear. At the same time there has been a return to the utopian within political discourse.

How does fantasy help us to critique the present and imagine more egalitarian futures? Feminist theorists and activists have long engaged with the potential of the triangulation of fantasy, gender/sexuality and equality. This workshop aims to bring together academics from a range of disciplines in order to investigate the many different uses of fantasy in gender, sexuality and law scholarship.

The priority research questions in relation to CentreLGS’s Law & Culture project are:

  • how can scholarship in gender and sexuality help illuminate the interpenetration of legal and non-legal discourses?
  • How can our work develop and deepen understandings of legality in cultural texts, and legal texts as cultural texts?
  • How do different forms of cultural texts shape, incorporate, and resist understandings of gender, sexuality, and law, and the relationship between them?

Fantasy – Narrative – Utopia – Storytelling – Fear –Hope – Myth - Stories

word doc for downloading Registration Form

word doc for downloading Workshop Programme

Word Doc for Downloading Speakers Abstracts

Pdf for downloading Event Poster

For more information about this event please contact Anisa de Jong, Coordinator CentreLGS, E:, T. 01227 824474

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