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CentreLGS Members - Law & Culture

Nicola Barker Lecturer in Law, Keele University
Research interests:
Same-sex relationship recognition
Julia Chryssostalis Lecturer in Law, University of Westminster
Research interests:
Sovereignty, subjectivity, comparative constitutional theory, law and humanities (psychoanalysis, philosophy, literature, architecture), critical legal theory, feminist jurisprudence.
Davina Cooper Professor of Law and Political Theory, University of Kent and Director, AHRC Centre for Law, Gender and Sexuality
Research interests:
Governance, feminist political theory, local government, social and cultural diversity, cultural geography, lesbian and gay studies, jewish studies.
Rohee Dasgupta

Research student, Keele University
Research Interests: Jews, democracy, Cultural Identity, transitional justice, anti-Semitism, Borderlands

Sharron FitzGerald Lecturer in Human Geography, Keele University
Research interests:
Geography and Law; Feminism; Gender, Race, Class, and Ethnicity.
Sarah Forti Senior Consultant, Gender, Law and Democratisation, Kent Law School, University of Kent
Research interests:
Women's human rights, international development assistance, gender mainstreaming, gender equality, structural inequalities and social justice in developing countries
Andrew Francis Lecturer in Law, Keele University
Lieve Gies Lecturer in Law, Keele University
Research interests: Law, media and popular culture, radical democracy, politics of difference/recognition, social justice, and alternative public spheres.
Rosie Harding
Research interests:
Legal consciousness, feminist legal theory, foucault, lesbian and gay struggles, family law, discrimination law.
Didi Herman Professor of Law and Social Change, University of Kent
Research interests:
Social movements and law reform, law and religious movements, feminist theory, cultural studies.
Suzanne Jenkins Research Student, Keele University
Research interests:
Commercial sex industry; sexuality; feminist perspectives; masculinities
Fabienne Jung Research Student, University of Kent
Research interests:
Femininity, sexuality, identity, auto/biography, queer theory, women’s studies, cultural studies
Sangita Kansal

Lecturer in Law, University of Westminster
Research interests:
Women and human rights protection

Anna King Lecturer in Criminology, Keele University
Robin Mackenzie Director, Medical Law and Ethics, University of Kent
Research interests:
Reprogenetics, rhetoric of sacralisation, neuroscience, biotechnology, enhancement, addiction. body alteration, care and dying
Ambreena Manji Reader in Law, Keele University
Research interests:
law and development, land reform in Africa and women’s property rights,African socio-legal studies, law and literature, the history of African legal education.
Andreas Philippopoulos
Reader in Law, University of Westminster
Research interests:
Phenomenology, autopoiesis, critical legal theory, urban theory, human rights, psychoanalysis, theology, geography, art theory
Chrissie Rogers

Lecturer in Education studies and Sociologist: Keele University.
Research interests:
Learning disability including; exclusion and inclusive education, parenting, stigma, sexuality, intimacy and qualitative research methods

Nick Rumens Graduate Teaching Assistant, Keele University
Research interests:
Sexuality and gender, gay/lesbian/bisexual identities, feminist and queer theory, organisation, management, friendship, intimacy.
Jenny Smith Student Support Officer and PhD Candidate, School of Law, Keele University
Michael Thomson Senior Lecturer in Law, Keele University
Research interests: health care law, reproduction and the law, gender, sexuality and law, legal theory, law and literature, law and popular culture.
Sophie Vigneron Lecturer in Law, University of Kent
Research interests:
Comparative law, particularly private law, Art law
Pnina Werbner Professor of Social Anthropology, School of Social Relations, Keele University
Research interests:
Muslims in Britain, Sufi cults, the economics of social exchange and domestic symbolic economies among Pakistani migrants to Britain.


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