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Centre Management Committee

The Management Committee agrees and takes overall responsibility for the Centre's activities and achievement of its performance targets. It oversees CentreLGS's finances and monitors commitments of host and partner institutions.

Members of the Management Committee:

  • Professor John Baldock, Chair/University of Kent Representative
  • Ms Katherine Barkwith, AHRC Programme Manager for Research Centres
  • Professor Joanne Conaghan, Head of Department, Kent Law School
  • Mr David Coombe, Director of Research Services, University of Kent
  • Ms Alison Diduck, Co-chair of CentreLGS Advisory Board, University College London
  • Professor Gillian Douglas, Deputy Head of School, Institutional Nominee (AHRC), Cardiff University
  • Professor Simon Jarvis, University of Westminster representative
  • Professor Peter Jones , Keele University Representative
  • Mr Daniel Monk, Co-chair of CentreLGS Advisory Board, Birkbeck College, University of London
  • Ms Jill Mustard, AHRC Senior Awards Officer for Research Centres
  • Ms Jenny Rafferty, Research Account Manager, University of Kent
  • Professor Carl Stychin, Pro-Vice-Chancellor Enterprise, Institutional Nominee (AHRC)
  • Professor Shearer West, AHRC Director of Research

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