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Dr Olena Nizalova PhD

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A joint Senior Research Fellow in Health Economics in CHSS and the Personal Social Services Research Unit (PSSRU) within the School of Social Policy, Sociology, and Social Research (SSPSSR), I also lecture in Econometrics at the School of Economics. My research interests are in applied economics on the interrelation between individual health and informal care behaviour and labour market outcomes, policy evaluations of health care interventions and other government initiatives.

Within PSSRU I am engaged in two projects – investigation of the risk factors for future care use; and substitutability between formal and informal care. My other research projects are:

  1. study of the impact of severe recessions on obesity and health-related behaviours among working age males (in collaboration with Edward C. Norton from University of Michigan),
  2.  study of the impact of wages on the amount of informal care provided to elderly parents in various long-term care regimes across Europe.

Within CHSS I lead Horizon 2020 project "Social Exclusion of Youth in Europe: cumulative disadvantage, coping strategies, effective policies and transfer" (EXCEPT), and a feasibility study "Effectiveness of public health system in combating severe population health crisis in Ukraine" funded by a Consortium (Wellcome Trust, ESCR, UK Aid, and MRC). My work also supports a wide range of projects in the area of impact evaluation and cost effectiveness analysis (e.g. the evaluation of BLF ‘Breathe Easy’ Integrated groups).

My interests lie in how the conditions and individual outcomes in the labour market shape individual behaviours and engagement with the family and community. Over the 7 years of my work in Ukraine, my interest in and understanding of the importance of evaluations of major government has developed through leading projects evaluating health care interventions and major reforms in social assistance in Ukraine. My interests in the problems around population ageing, in particular the growing demand for long-term formal or informal care continue to grow.

As an experienced quantitative researcher with significant background in Econometrics, my research interests led me to explore the fields of Health and Labour Economics, which I find very interesting and engaging.
I joined the University of Kent in 2013, having completed my tenure as an Associate Professor at the Kyiv School of Economics in Ukraine where I worked from 2005.

I completed my Specialist Degree in Business Management at the Ukrainian State Maritime Technical University, MA in Economic Theory from the EERC MA Program in Economics at the National University “Kyiv Mohyla Academy” Ukraine, and PhD from Michigan State University (USA). My dissertation title was “Three Essays in Labour Economics and Economics of Aging”

I have achieved the following awards:
Ronald and Eileen Weiser Professional Development Award (2012)
iHEA (International Health Economics Association) Award (2009, 2013)
PAA (Population Association of America) Award (2009)
Swedish Government Professorship Award (2005-2006)

RAND Summer Institute. Demography, Economics, and Epidemiology of Aging and Mini-Medical School for Social Scientists (2004)
Referee Service: Journal of Health Economics, Journal of Population Economics, Health Economics, B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis & Policy
National Applied Economics Prize (Russia, http://econprize.ru/), Expert (2011)
Municipal Economic Development Toolkit, http://www.municipaltoolkit.org/, Russian version editor (2008)
Economics Education and Research Consortium, Economics Research Grant Competition, Expert (2007 – currently)
Master students – Principal Advisor on MA Thesis: 
Violeta Skrypnikova, Valeria Pokidina, Kateryna Chmelova (2013);
Stsiapan Padchsha, Vladyslav Petrov, Oleksandra Slobodian, Ulyana Kravchenko, Alisa Firsova (2012);
Iuliia Grytsiv (2011); Volodymyr Korsun (2010); Galyna Grynkiv (2009); Ganna Bielen’ka, Victoria Golovtseva, Olga Gavryliuk (2008);
Olena Senyuta, Veronika Ivanova, Tamara Sliusarenko, Maia Gejadze (2007); Cristina Craciun (2006).

ERSTE Foundation Social Research Fellow (2012-2013)
P.E.O. International Peace Fellowship (2001-2003)
MSU Graduate School Fellowship (2000–2001)
H.R. Neville Fellowship in Economics (2000-2001)
K.L. Klomparens Fellowship (2000)
EERC Graduate Study Grant (2000)

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Also view these in the Kent Academic Repository

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Research report (external)
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Conference or workshop item
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Nizalova, O. (2010). Evaluation of the Social Assistance System Modernization Project in Ukraine. in: GIZ Conference of Systemic Policy Evaluation.
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