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With 30 years’ academic experience and a background in nursing and health visiting, my role as Professor of Community Nursing and Public Health my role is to develop new areas of multi-disciplinary research to extend the scope of CHSS from health policy to implementation and application in community and public health settings. Working with local, national and international collaborators, the work spans the Kent Academic Primary Care Unit (KAPCU) and other CHSS research groups. Through my work in Australia and with the European Primary Care Forum I am also developing the international perspective on community and public health.

My own current interests are focused on parenting and the impact on child health both in the UK and internationally. I am the Associate Investigator on a major NHMRC project in Australia concerned with the early parenting experiences of Aboriginal parents. My current work on the parenting self-efficacy measure (www.topse.org.uk) also involves me in studies investigating the effect of psychological support for parents of children with complex health needs, the development of an ante-natal measure of parenting and the evaluation of an app for new parents. I am the UK Principal Investigator for the Becoming Breastfeeding Friendly Study in collaboration with Yale School of Public Health, working with Public Health England, Public Health Wales and Scotland Health.

My research interests are wide-ranging and include patient and public experience of health and health care in the community (particularly epilepsy), public health in relation to children and families (particularly breastfeeding) and implementation and application of health policy into practice. Methodologically my interests lie in mixed methods evaluation, case study and qualitative approaches. Having successfully supervised 22 research students and externally examined more than 20 PhDs including internationally, I welcome new applications.

Prior to joining CHSS in April 2016, I was Director of the Centre for Research in Primary and Community Care and Associate Dean Research at the University of Hertfordshire, leading a team of over 40 researchers. I have experience in managing the REF and building research capacity, generating research grants and publishing.

I am co-editor in chief of Primary Health Care Research and Development, an internationally recognized journal and co-chair of the International Collaboration of Community Health Nursing Research, a UK charity supporting international community nursing research dissemination (www.icchnr.org).

My first degree was completed in 1982 at South Bank University, London and my PhD in 1991 at Kings College, London. My thesis is entitled ‘Client Participation in the Health Visitor-Client interaction’ and took an ethno-methodological approach.

Chair of the European Forum for Primary Care
Adjunct Professor, Ngangk Yira Centre for Research in Aboriginal Health, Murdoch University, Perth, Western Australia
Trustee of the Institute of Health Visiting
Member of Expert Advisory Group for the Community Health node of the Joanna Briggs Institute, Australia
Fellow of the Queen’s Nursing Institute.

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Research report (external)
Kendall, S., Nash, A., Braun, A., Bastug, G., Rougeaux, E. and Bedford, H. (2014). Evaluating the Use of a Population Measure of Child Development in the Healthy Child Programme Two Year Review. [Online]. Children's Policy Research Unit. Available at: https://www.ucl.ac.uk/cpru/documents/evaluating-the-use-of-a-population-measure-of-child-development-in-the-healthy-child-two-year-review.
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