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Dr Lindsay Forbes MBBS, BSc, MSc (Public Health), MD MRCP(UK), FFPH

Senior Clinical Research Fellow (Public Health)



I am an academic public health physician with special interests in epidemiology of long term conditions and design and evaluation of services to meet the needs of the growing population who have these. My main focus currently is organisation of general practice. I am supervising several PhD students.

I joined CHSS in January 2016 from King’s College London and Queen Mary, University of London. In this role I was one of the Principal Investigators of the Department of Health Policy Research Unit on cancer awareness, screening and early diagnosis. Over an eight year period I researched pathways to care in cancer and led the evaluation of a unique health professional-delivered intervention to promote early presentation of breast cancer. I advised the Department of Health on the Be Clear on Cancer Know4Sure and breast cancer awareness campaigns.

During 2011-13 I played a major role in a national project to develop an innovative evidence-based approach to information about cancer screening, aiming to offer informed choice. Before 2008 I was consultant in public health medicine in Wandsworth PCT, where I was clinical effectiveness lead and provided public health advice on acute commissioning.

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Book section
Niksic, M. and Forbes, L. (2018). Awareness of Colorectal Cancer: Recognition of Symptoms and Risk Factors by Socio-demographic Characteristics. In: Timely Diagnosis of Colorectal Cancer. Cham, Switzerland: Springer, pp. 1-20. Available at: https://dx.doi.org/10.1007/978-3-319-65286-3_1.
Forbes, L., Forbes, H., Checkland, K., Sutton, M. and Peckham, S. (2020). Exploring changes in patient experience with increasing practice size: observational study using data from the General Practice Patient Survey. British Journal of General Practice.
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