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Sabrena Jaswal BA, MA

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I am a research associate at the Institute of Health Visiting where I am currently working in collaboration with members from CHSS on a Health Education England funded study. This study looks to improve the delivery of different news to mothers and their families by healthcare professionals. I have over fifteen years of health and social care research experience having worked on projects ranging from health literacy and communication to health service evaluations and social prescribing.

My research interests are health communication and education. I am particularly interested in examining the socio-cultural rules regarding communication and how these can facilitate or impeded a person’s health care. Additionally, I want to explore the prominence given to communication within both the medical school curriculum and the health care setting.

I graduated with a BA in Psychology from the University of British Columbia (Canada) in 2003. I was awarded with a University of Brighton International Student Scholarship to complete my MA in International Health Promotion in 2010.

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Book sections
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Research reports (external)
MacInnes, J., Jaswal, S. K., Mikelyte, R. and Billings, J. R. (2018) Service Evaluation of the Acute Response Team (ART). CHSS: Canterbury.
Conference or workshop items
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Confidential reports
Hamilton-West, K. E. and Jaswal, S. K. (2017) Evaluability Assessment of the Encompass MCP Social Prescribing Service. Final Report. Encompass Multispecialty Community Provider.
Billings, J. R., Rees-Roberts, M., MacInnes, J., Saloniki, E.-C., Jaswal, S. K., Mikelyte, R. and Borthwick, R. (2021) 'Lay Project Summary. Enhancing Depression & Anxiety Care: Combining a Walk-In Clinic and Remote Symptom Tracking'. CHSS, University of Kent.
Billings, J. R., Rees-Roberts, M., MacInnes, J., Saloniki, E.-C., Jaswal, S. K., Mikelyte, R. and Borthwick, R. (2021) 'Executive Summary. Service Evaluation: Optimising the Depression Pathway Enabled by Novel Digital Assessment Technology'. CHSS, University of Kent.
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