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Formerly a Consultant Physician in Geriatric Medicine and academic, Iain Carpenter is now Emeritus Professor at the University of Kent and Associate Director, Royal College of Physicians London Health Informatics Unit.

His current research interests concern the use of standardised assessment for care delivery, performance monitoring and research in hospital, community and long term care services for older people.

At the Royal College of Physicians he works on achieving professional consensus on medical records and standards for electronics health records.

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Book sections
Hastie, C. L., Carpenter, G. I., Morris, J. N., Fries, B. and Ankri, J. (2008) 'Nursing Home Residents with Moderate to Severe Cognitive Impairment and Change in Their Physical Function', in Maladie D'Alzheimer et Declin Cognitif / Research and Practice in Alzheimer's Disease. Paris / New York: Serdi Publishing / Springer, pp. 116-120.
Research reports (external)
Stosz, L. and Carpenter, G. I. (2008) Developing the use of MDS/RAI reports for UK care homes. Joseph Rowntree Foundation. doi: 10.1332/174426408X338857.
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