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Professor Andy Alaszewski

Emeritus Professor of Health Studies



Andy is an applied social scientist who has been engaged in health services research since 1972 and was Director of the Centre for Health Servcies Studies between 2001 and 2008. His main interests include:

  • the organisation, delivery and evaluation of health and welfare services
  • the analysis and management of risk in health and welfare agencies
  • the development of services for vulnerable individuals, especially older people and people with learning disabilities.

Andy is an experienced researcher and research manager. He was Director of the NHS-funded Research and Development Support Unit which provides support for research capacity development in Kent, Surrey and Sussex. Since 1972 he has been the grantholder or co-grant holder of over 50 grants valued at over £3.2 million.

Research Supervision

Andy is an experienced research supervisor and examiner. He has successfully supervised 17 research students, currently supervises 5 research students and has examined 16 MPhil/PhD theses. He is keen to discuss potential topics with research students who would like to do work on health, risk and society.

Memberships in academic associations, editorial boards and other activities

  • 1999- Founding editor, Health, Risk and Society, published by Taylor and Francis
  • 2001 ESRC Reviewer and expert panel member for Risk Network competition
  • 2002- Research Assessor, Primary Care Research Teams, Royal College of General Practitioners
  • 2002- Co-opted academic member, DoH Service Delivery and Organisation programme
    2004 National Electronic Library, Expert Adviser on Development of Library Resources for Risk Communication
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Research reports (external)
Hamilton-West, K. E., Katona, C., King, A., Rowe, J., Coulton, S., Milne, A., Alaszewski, A. and Pinnock, H. (2010) Improving Concordance in Older People with Type 2 Diabetes (ICOPE-D), Final Report to the National Institute for Health Research. Annex A: Concordance Therapy Manual. National Institute for Health Research (NIHR). doi: PB-PG-0906-10182.
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