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Aida Malovic BSc (Hons), MSc

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I am a second year funded PhD student at CHSS. The title of my thesis is: Adolescents with Intellectual Disabilities who display harmful sexual behaviours: adaptation of measures.

Children and young people with an intellectual disability appear overrepresented within the group of those who display harmful sexual behaviours, however the reason why is not fully understood. Some research has suggested that factors such as low self-esteem, deviant sexual arousal, a lack of sexual knowledge, poor attachment and emotional loneliness may contribute to an increased risk of sex offending. As a result the aim of my thesis is to collect psychometric data on three measures, two of which will be adapted for application with such population. The three measure are of resilience, loneliness, and secure attachment. In developing reliable and validated instruments we might be able to offer some clarity in which contributing factors might be active in risky behaviours.

Further to my PhD project I am also active in establishing a collaborative research unity across the campus, with focus on autism. Together with Dr Heather Ferguson at the School of Psychology, we have created a database for volunteering participants with ASD in the Kent region.

My previous work has included teaching of undergraduate and postgraduate modules, as well as a number of research assistant posts based at the University of Kent. I completed my MSc in Cognitive and Neuropsychology at Kent in 2009.

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Conference or workshop items
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Sakel, M., Wilkinson, D. T., Haque, I., Malovic, A. and Gallagher, M. (2013) 'Does upper limb spasticity treatment improve mobility?', in. International Conference on Recent Advances in Neurorehabilitation.
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