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Integrated care has a big health focus, but it’s about much more than that. It’s about social circumstances; people’s housing, neighbourhood, community safety – a whole raft of things that can improve quality of care and quality of life. And it’s about keeping people out of hospital, being where they want to be, but having the care they need’.

Integrated Care Research Unit

CHSS hosts the Integrated Care Research Unit (ICRU) led by CHSS Professor of Applied Health Research Jenny Billings. As ICRU Director, Jenny leads on strategy implementation. She will be part of a governing board including KentHealth, representatives from health and social care agencies and the Directors from CHSS, PSSRU and Tizard.
Watch Jenny Billings 'Think Kent' Lecture: 'Integrated Care Evaluation - How can I be Sure?

 – Who’s Who in ICRU?
The Centre combines specialist expertise from three existing research centres in health economics, systems change, primary and community care, public health, social care and personal health budgets. PSSRU and CHSS already work collaboratively on research proposals and share a health economics team. PSSRU and Tizard are part of the national School for Social Care Research, while Tizard and CHSS collaborate on research and teaching.

(CHSS) Centre for Health Services Studies
– Excellence in health research; experience and innovation in IC research
CHSS, led by Professor Stephen Peckham has been established for 25 years. It is a multidisciplinary centre of research excellence with a high level of expertise and a varied health research portfolio. It has a range of existing successful collaborations in the field of older people and integrated care.

(PSSRU) Personal Social Services Research Unit
– leading the way in Social Care and Services research
PSSRU has carried out high-quality, independent social and health care research since 1974. PSSRU enjoys a substantial national profile that has had an important influence on theory, policy development and reform in England and elsewhere. Professor Julien Forder is the Unit’s Director.


Tizard Centre – innovators in disability and mental health research
Tizard is one of the leading UK academic groups working in learning disability and community care. Tizard aims to advance knowledge about the relationship between the organisation of community care services and their outcomes. Professors Peter McGill and Glynis Murphy are joint Tizard Directors.



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