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Identifying stroke/TIA survivors' needs and preferences KeMIST

This new project puts patients’ long-term needs and preferences at the heart of a new NHS service to improve patient outcomes. Specifically, it aims to reduce the chance of recurrent strokes or cardiovascular events and develop a long term support service for patients beyond stroke rehabilitation. Little is known about how stroke/TIA survivors’ perceive the burden of using long-term medicines, their needs and preferences for medicines support, or how these change over time. 

Qualitative interviews with survivors of stroke or TIA (and their hospital and community carers), and community pharmacists. The data gathered around problems encountered and support needed by those prescribed life-long, multiple medicines will inform the design of a toolkit for patients, carers and Health Care Professional (HCPs) to identify the medicine support needed by individuals. The research will inform design of a suitable pharmacy support service making use of relevant available technologies. People affected by stroke/TIA and HCPs will be involved at all stages of the project to ensure the new service is fit for purpose.

Start date: 01/02/2016 End date: 31/01/2018

Funder: Stroke Association

Funding: £58,198

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