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PHOENIX:  Public Health and Obesity in England – the New Infrastructure eXamined

English Public Health has undergone substantial reorganisation with a wholesale transfer of responsibilities from local NHS organisations to local authorities and Public Health England. At the same time, health service leadership and commissioning have been transformed through the creation of NHS England and clinical commissioning groups.  These structural changes have enormous implications for the way in which the public health function is approached, organised and delivered. 

PRUComm are conducting the PHOENIX project on behalf of the Department of Health. It involves academics and professionals at CHSS, LSHTM, and the Universities of Manchester and Durham.  The research examines the impact of structural changes to the health and care system in England on the functioning of the public health system.  A key focus is to explore the impacts of structural changes at national, regional and local levels on the planning, organisation, commissioning and delivery of health improvement services. Taking obesity as a focal issue, PHOENIX examines local public health systems’ response to obesity and overweight.  

The project aims to identify the extent to which, how and why key opportunities within the new system are being realised; key challenges are being overcome; and key concerns are addressed.  The scoping review stage involved detailed analysis of documents and qualitative interviews with key informants at national, regional and local levels.  This informed the next phase of the research, involving two annual national surveys of key agents within local public health systems, and five in-depth geographical case studies in order to capture different organisational arrangements in local government and the NHS.

For more information contact Erica Gadsby.

Start date: April 2013 End date: 31/12/2017

Funder: Department of Health via London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

Publication: PHOENIX: Public Health and Obesity in England – the New Infrastructure eXamined First interim report: the scoping review.

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