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Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt recently placed dementia care at the forefront of Government plans for the NHS, calling for improved care and announcing £50m in targeted funding. There are 670,000 people in the UK diagnosed with dementia and numbers are predicted to rise by 150% over the next four decades.

As part of a policy-driven health research portfolio, CHSS has been involved in several dementia studies, and Professor of Health Services Research Simon Coulton is currently leading a Kent team on statistical design for a randomised controlled trial of a new model of collaborative dementia care. The CARE-DEM trial is under way at several primary care sites between London and Kent in the South East, and Newcastle in the North East; testing how effective and cost effective it is compared with usual care. The project involves people with dementia of all ages who live independently in the community and have regular contact with an informal carer.

Start date: 01/03/2011 End date: 28/02/2013

Funder: NIHR via UCL

Funding: £9688

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