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"Black Africans" in Britain: integration or segregation

Peter Aspinall, Lavinia Mitton

This programme of research will use data from the 2001 Census, government surveys, NHS, and local education authorities to address the following questions: to what extent are black Africans intergrating with wider British society in terms of demographic profile, socio-economic position, patterns of residents, and civic engagement? What are the current trends and likely patterns to emerge in the next decade or two? and how can UK policy makers and practitioners address their needs?

This one-year study has been funded under the Understanding Population Trends and Proccesses programme, the aim of which is to promote the use of large-scale social science data sets.

Start date: 01/04/2008 End date: 30/09/2009

Funder: Economic and Social Research Council

Funding: £20,256

Publications: Who is 'Black African' in Britain? Challenges to official categorisation of the sub-Saharan African origin population

Determining the identity of 'black Africans' in UK population and health policy contexts: ethical issues and challenges

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