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Refugees and asylum seekers: a review of equality and human rights implications

Peter Aspinall

This report examines the situation of asylum seekers and refugees from an equality and human rights perspective. Refugees and asylum seekers are a diverse group with one thing in common: they are subject to forced migration, and are fleeing from persecution in their countries of origin. They have a range of intersectional identities and can experience discrimination on the grounds of any of the seven equality areas, or because of socio-economic factors. It is also important to remember that asylum seekers and refugees experience a range of distinct problems and inequalities due to their immigration status.

The report seeks to place the evidence within its legislative context but without going into the detail of case law. As there is little official data available on the group and few large-scale quantitative studies, the report draws strongly on qualitative and more localised studies to examine the situation with regard to a number of issues including, among others, health, education and employment.

Start date: 17/01/2008 End date: 25/03/2008

Funder: Equality and Human Rights Commission

Funding: £7,330

Publication: Refugees and asylum seekers: a review from an equality and human rights perspective

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