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This booklet summarises the reasons why it is vital for ethnicity to be recorded at birth and death certification in England if we are to be able to open the route to tackling ethnic inequalities in health and health care.

The full report of our evidence is available on the LHO’s website (http://www.lho.org.uk/hil/civilreg.htm). This booklet provides a summary of the evidence in relation to the issues that need to be weighed up by government before making any changes to information that is currently collected.

These are:
• What benefits will the collection of such data bring?
• Will it impose an unreasonable burden on citizens?
• Can the information be satisfactorily collected from elsewhere?
• What are the benefits/risks of putting such information on the public
Vital Statistics record?
• Will it place unacceptable extra costs on government?

Start date: 01/07/2002 End date: 30/11/2002

Funder: London Health Observatory

Funding: £3020

Publication: Missing Record: The Case for Recording Ethnicity at Birth and Death Registration

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