Christian Focus Day Trips 2018/19

Christian Focus links up with the Catholic Society and other student groups and has some of the best day trips available on campus including, on 17 November, a trip to Bruges in Belgium (the Venice of the North via coach and Channel Tunnel). We also run trips to Cambridge, Oxford, Bodiam Castle and the beautiful town of Rye in East Sussex.

This academic year:


Bodiam Castle and Rye



Saturday 20 October 2018


Our first fun outing of the academic year is to Bodiam Castle and Rye, in East Sussex.

The cost includes a packed lunch, entry to Bodiam Castle, a walk to the coast near Rye and then several hours in the pretty town of Rye.


For lots more about Rye see

More details here, where you can also get your ticket






Bruges in Belgium (with the Christmas Markets)


Saturday 17 November 2018

Our second fun trip is in November, to the amazingly lovely City of Bruges.


Click here for Bruges sightseeing

A very early start but well worth it for many reasons (not just the chocolate, because this year the trip coincides with the Christmas Markets).
Tickets are usually about 30 UK pounds


Please note: Unfortunately Some non-EU passport holders are not able to go on this trip because of the difficulty and cost of obtaining the correct visa.
Note that USA and many non-global south citizens are OK to come.





Spring Term 2019


Oxford, City of Dreaming Spires;


Weekend away at Aylesford Priory.


Book now: Just click here and send a message







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