The Revd Dr Stephen Laird has been the full time Anglican Chaplain ('C of E') at the University since March 1998. Before that he spent four years in a parish in North Devon. He is married to Jo, a school teacher, who studied Psychology at Kent University and they live in the village of Blean (where Stephen is part time vicar) on the edge of the Canterbury campus. Stephen is a specialist in New Testament Studies and Biblical Interpretation and
has a long-standing involvement with the academic life of the University. As well as being involved with training people for Christian ministry across the South East region, Stephen has a national role as an adviser for Bishops for the selection of candidates for training for ordained ministry in the Church of England. In the Diocese of Canterbury Stephen is Chairman of the Mission and Pastoral Committee. Stephen is a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries (London) and a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

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Stephen has a particular interest in Art History (in which he has completed a Kent University Ph.D) and regularly writes related articles, essays, catalogue entries and reviews. Stephen was, of course, a student himself for many years both as an undergraduate and as a postgraduate at Oxford University and King's College London.


Chapters and Essays in Books and Major Exhibition Catalogues

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Art and Christianity
Stephen Laird is a regular contributor of articles and reviews to the periodical Art and Christianity (ISSN 1746 6229). Recent articles include:

Other Book and Exhibition Reviews
Stephen's reviews of books and art exhibitions have also been published in Oremus, The Expository Times, Modern Believing and the Church Times Newspaper.