Annual Weekend Away at Aylesford Priory

Every year we go for a weekend away at Aylesford Priory, a cosy historic place with wonderful food, plenty of space and lots of peace and quiet (which we try not to disrupt!). It is about 20 miles from Canterbury. Places are heavily subsidised so nobody needs worry about not being able to afford to go. At 35 UK pounds (including accommodation in single rooms, food, and travel) it is cheaper to go than it is to stay on campus! Choose how you spend your time once you get there, but a highlight is our visit to the open air Museum of Kent Life.

In the Spring Term of 2017 we are going for a weekend in February (leave campus on the Friday at 5pm, return on the Sunday at about 5pm).


Visit Aylesford Priory’s own website


The full programme of speakers and activities will be available soon.

You can also visit the Museum of Kent Life’s website:

Museum of Kent Life



Above is a photo of our group (together with one of the guest speakers) eating Sunday lunch at a long table in the main hall at Aylesford, which is rather like part of Hogwarts (if you use a bit of imagination….). To the left is the tractor-ride at the Museum of Kent Life.





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