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I want to work in Science Administration

Job roles


    This area of work relies heavily on networking to get into. Projects may be more ad-hoc and given to people already working in the organisation who have expressed an interest.

    The work may involve some of the following types of skills:

    • Knowledge of contracts and grants preparation and management.
    • Ability to manage research projects.
    • Skill in formulating policy, and developing and implementing new strategies and procedures.
    • Skill in budget preparation and fiscal management.
    • Ability to develop scientific reports.
    • Ability to supervise and train employees, to include organising, prioritising, and scheduling work assignments.
    • Knowledge and understanding of scientific research methodology, principles, and procedures.
    • Skill in organising resources and establishing priorities.
    • Knowledge of current and developing trends in research technology.
    • Ability to develop, plan, and implement goals.
    • Knowledge of laws, regulations, methods, and techniques.
    • Ability to organise and co-ordinate research projects.
    • Ability to provide technical advice, guidance, and support to professional staff.



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