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    “Risk” is a broad area, covering health and safety, security, natural disasters, information technology and systems, political, environmental and social risk and many specialised scientific, technical and engineering fields. The work of analysing potential risks, working to prevent them and developing strategies for managing them should the worst occur is often very international.

    These pages focus on business-related risks, in particular financial, political and information risks. The most common job titles within these fields are risk manager and risk analyst but there are many others such as risk assessor, risk auditor and risk strategist.

    Most employers offering graduate opportunities in this field are in the finance sector (insurance, accountancy and banking) but do not always require a finance-related degree. Many of these opportunities are open to graduates in any subject although quantitative risk analysis requires a strong numerate background. As political issues, conflict and other international relations issues can have a major impact on these organisations and their clients, politics and international relations can be a particularly useful background.

    This is an area of growing importance, particularly in finance, as many large organisations are seeking to minimise risk from political events, currency fluctuations, stock markets, terrorist events etc. Actuarial skills are often of value here.



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