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Job roles

Job roles- Tourism

Tourism Information Centre Manager

Job Profile
Provides information to tourists about local attractions, events and accommodation. Deals with enquiries face to face, by phone, and post.
EMPLOYERS: mainly local authorities but also national parks, private organisations.
DEGREE: any degree subject, business, tourism, languages are all helpful.
TIPS: "Seasonal work is available at many tourist centres. Get experience in shops, hotels, travel agents etc. Gain a good knowledge of the locality in which you wish to work."

Travel Agent

Job Profile Target Jobs
INVOLVES: Clerical/technical sorting of travel arrangements. Financial & computer work after hours to ensure people & destinations match. Giving advice on travel matters. Marketing holidays & travel. Selling to customers. Meeting targets.
EMPLOYERS: Large agency chains
RELATED JOBS: tour guide, retail manager, hotel manager, tourism information centre manager, conference administrator.
DEGREE: Any degree subject is acceptable - languages, area studies (e.g. European), geography, tourism useful.
POSTGRADUATE STUDY: not needed for entry.
TIPS: Try speculative contacts with HQ of travel companies. Stress travel experience/sales /computing skills. Time out for travelling may be advantage for independent travel companies.

Holiday Representative

Job Profile
Looks after holidaymakers at resorts. Meets people on arrival. Organises excursions and entertainment. Acts as a tour guide. Handles problems such as lost possessions or passports. Deals with illness of guests. Liaises with hotel managers. 
EMPLOYERS: Holiday companies, hotels, transport companies.
SATISFACTIONS: helping people, working abroad, variety.
NEGATIVES: Often seasonal, poor pay, pressurised and stressful, long and unsocial hours, work may be seasonal.
SKILLS: people skills, stamina, commonsense, enthusiasm, tact, language skills.
TIPS: apply speculatively to holiday companies. Often a stepping stone to other tourism jobs.


Project manager, Tourism Ranger, Tour Operator further details see Conservation Careers

Tourism Officer

Job Profile
Tourism officers are responsible for developing and promoting tourism for a specific region/attraction.

Tour Operator

Job Profile
Tour operators create packages and tours combining resources from airlines, hotels, sightseeing tours and activity providers.

Tourist Guiding


Job Roles- Hospitality

Any job in the hospitality sector will involve a wide range of responsibilities and, even on a graduate training programme, you must be flexible and willing to muck in and do whatever tasks need doing. A relevant degree or postgraduate qualification is not always required but experience in some aspect of hospitality, however junior, is usually expected.
Most roles in this sector involve long hours and a wide range of skills with people, business planning and organisation. While a relevant degree or postgraduate qualification is beneficial they are not essential, experience in customer service is usually a requirement. Graduate schemes are available but often entry to these careers is through roles such as Events assistant.
Overview of Hospitality and Events (
Overview of Hospitality, leisure and travel (

Hotel Management

Job Profile Hotel Manager

Events Planner

Job Profile Experience in events planning can be gained through student societies, or voluntary organisations. Experience working at events as a steward or similar role while a student will be very beneficial. Marketing and Business modules could be very relevant.

Pub Manager

Job Profile some larger pub chains offer graduate training programmes but many require entry at a lower level to gain experience prior to training.


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